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Donna Butnik participated in an
International Artists Workshop - fall 2002

Under the aegis of the Municipal Government of Chania (Crete, Greece) an International Workshop for Artists was organized in October/November 2002 by the Omma Centre of Contemporary Art. Omma's management, Despina and Thomas Tunberg, invited Artists worldwide to take part in this workshop. It was attended by artists from India, Holland, the US, in addition to a select group of locals from the provence of Chania.
The event was held in a conference room of the Panorama Hotel at Gatalas, outside of Chania, with the results being exhibited in the huge arsenal building 'Neoria', at the old Venetian harbour in Chania.
It received widespread publicity coverage by local and regional newspapers and television.

"The purpose of the workshop is to bring together artists from all over the world, to promote both mutual understanding of different cultures and traditions and to facilitate artistic inspiration We want to create an environment where artists can work fruitfully and make worthwhile new acquaintances." - Despina Tunberg

"I would highly recomend this workshop to any artist interested.
I look forward to returning in the future." - Donna Butnik

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